New Multi-User Cloud Access Management Feature


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With today's business models, employees are distributed across states or even continents, and with specialization in the profession, many organizations have IT governance policies that require different user permissions at the cloud resource and data center levels. How do I keep track and manage user access?

Today, ProfitBricks provides the easiest way to manage user access levels in the cloud. With our brand new group policy-based user access management: multi-user access management for our enterprise cloud cloud.

By adding multi-user access management capabilities, ProfitBricks enables account holders to group users, making it easy to then set access rules for user groups for key areas of their cloud infrastructure.

The infrastructure and virtual datacenter IT governance management capabilities are maintained with a strong hierarchy pattern within the DCD R2 that includes groups of privileged users and determines what operations an individual user can perform.

ProfitBricks gives customers full control over their cloud by providing the ability to manage access to key features such as enable/disable 2-factor authentication, create and edit data centers, create, edit and delete snapshots and images, and reserve IPs.

"Features such as multi-user administration complement IT governance capabilities and enable better control and wider use of cloud computing resources in one or more organizations," said Achim Weiss, CEO of Achim Weiss. "In addition, we offer this capability as part of our revolutionary fully graphical Data Center Designer - a cloud management tool that provides the ultimate visual control of the cloud."

Multi-User bietet mehr Support für MSP-Kunden

A common MSP business usage model is to manage servers and infrastructure for a wide range of customers, some of whom have their own IT staff who can perform specific tasks - not including designing, deploying, and managing their infrastructure. Now an MSP can provide its customers with IT staff with limited capabilities to scale RAM and CPU cores on servers or stop and start servers, but not to create additional virtual data centers or view other customers' virtual data centers.

Verbesserungen der Compliance und Sicherheit für Benutzer

Customers often have their applications and services isolated across multiple virtual datacenters for compliance and security reasons. The problem starts when they have multiple IT staff who only need to access a specific virtual datacenter that is specific to their IT support role. With ProfitBrick's multi-user cloud access management, they can now limit IT support staff access to the specific virtual datacenter they need to use. This significantly reduces security risk by preventing employees from accessing virtual data centers outside those to which they have access.

Administrators can grant permission to view the server information, IP addresses, or MAC addresses they need without changing virtual data centers. This reduces inadvertent changes to the virtual datacenter, especially as an IT support employee often needs information about disk size, the number of NICs on a machine, and other information.

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